Attention Drew By Newdex With Daily Active Users and Trading Volume That Exceeds IDEX On Ethereum

November 01 19:55 2018

According to the data from Spider Store (, the daily active users and 24h trading volume on EOS has both exceeded Ethereum. The number of Dapp on Ethereum was 1085. Ethereum had 15708 daily users, with 24h trading volume as 17302 ETH. There is only 140 Dapps on EOS, yet EOS had 69443 daily active users with 24h trading volume as 8597157 EOS.

With only 140 Dapps, EOS has 4 times as much daily active users as Ethereum has. Where does this gap come from?

Game Dapps Fully Activate EOS User’s Exchange Demand

EOS main net that launched on June this year, is able to beat Ethereum which launched in 2015 on the data of daily active users in less than 4 months, mainly due to the breakout of game Dapps.

Among the top five dapps with largest number of daily active users on Ethereum, exchanges take three places and the remaining two are games. As to EOS, the game occupies four places out of five, it can be clearly seen that game Dapps activate the whole EOS ecosystem for more daily active users.

Thanks to the superhigh TPS of EOS, the game rules, with blockchain technology where data are tamper-proofing and transparent, provide users a chance to compete fairly. And the same game if built on Ethereum, its expensive development costs will deter lots of project parties. Because every operation on Ethereum costs gas. Whilst the CPU needed for development projects on EOS mainnet can be obtained by leasing, greatly reducing the development costs.

On the other hand, betting games on EOS are able to rise rapidly mainly because that these game projects are related to benefits distribution to users. By getting involved in the games, users will be able to earn extra benefits. The high performance of EOS promises the fairness of games rules.

Users need platform to trade the earnings or airdrops they receive from games, thus making exchanges a very important role in cryptocurrency circulation.

The breakout of game Dapps activates a larger exchange demand, which brings Newdex, the decentralized exchange built on EOS, in market with big attention.

EOS Based Decentralized Exchange Newdex Transcends IDEX The Largest Exchange On Ethereum

Recently, Newdex, the decentralized exchange built on EOS, has a number of daily active users and 24h trading volume that both exceeds the corresponding data of IDEX, the largest exchange on Ethereum.

According the data of Spider Store (, the number of daily active users on Newdex was 2193 and the 24h trading volume was approximately 1222491 EOS. While IDEX had corresponding data respectively as 1915 and 9503 ETH.

Such unexpected phenomenon, not only reflects the ecological controversy between EOS and Ethereum, but also proves that decentralized exchanges of new generation are favored by users.

What brings Newdex the world’s largest EOS trading volume?

Newdex (, as an EOS based decentralized exchange that launched on August this year, was able to transcend IDEX within only two months, mainly due to the following reasons:

1. It is built on EOS, choosing the right track with superhigh TPS, ensuring a better user experience. Transfer arrives in seconds, breaking the predicament of network congestion and unbearable transfer time on Ethereum.

2. Newdex keeps clear of user’s private key. Users sign in with wallet authorization, ensuring the safety of user’s assets. They implements the function of code scanning authorization through mobile wallet firstly. Users only need to open the mobile wallet and scan the QR Code, then they can trade conveniently. There is no need to install any wallet extension, lowering the entrance to trade. Currently they support 10 wallets for code scanning exchange, which includes MEET.ONE, TokenPocket, Math Wallet, Starteos, NOVA Wallet, PRABOX, EOS LIVE, 51 Token, Pocket EOS and More Wallet.

3. Transaction information and the data of flowing funds through entrusted account are all displayed on chain and stored on EOS main net, making the exchange data tamper-proofing, transparent and real-time checkable. The platform implements the function of transaction display, allowing users to get the knowledge of the other trading end.

4. No deposit or withdrawal on Newdex, leaving users a full control of their assets. Digital assets will be transferred to wallet right after dealt, skipping the process of entering password, email verifying and text verifying, avoiding the time consume for waiting to transfer, providing a most convenient operating experience for users.

From ‘first one in the world’ to ‘largest trading volume in the world’, Newdex creates a brand new model of exchange with endless self-explorations relying on the high performance of EOS main net.

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