Traffic Control Software Redefines Value Proposition of AutoGuide Mobile Robots

November 01 21:50 2018

Rob Sullivan, President and CEO of AutoGuide Mobile Robots recently talked about the changing value proposition in the manufacturing and distribution sectors is Fleet Control System (FCS) software in Manufacturing Tomorrow magazine. The recent advancements in Fleet Control System (FCS) software provides companies the ability to manage, monitor, track, organize and ultimately, optimize, their fleet of cooperative mobile robots. The Fleet Controller connects to individual mobile robots using wireless communications, providing graphics-based displays of all mobile robots and their current status—mapped to the facility floor plan—in real-time.

Today’s Automated Autonomously-Guided Vehicles (AAGV) eliminate the need for floor-base track by constantly measure their environment using state-of-the-art sensor suite and locating themselves on a virtual map. Changing routes or adding destinations is now as simple as drawing lines or dots on a computer screen. 

Far more dynamic than merely a traffic controller, the Fleet Control System maintains real-time communications with each vehicle. It monitors all vehicle diagnostic information and is responsible for optimum work assignment and traffic routing. Many Fleet Control Systems can easily import CAD or other image files of facility layouts to assist users with spatial relationships presented in on-screen views. With “real-time” AGV status displayed using dynamic color changes, users can hover over an icon representing an individual vehicle to view AGV information and location, or drill into currently executing work details.

Manufacturing Tomorrow is an online trade magazine featuring products, companies, news, articles, and events for the advanced manufacturing, factory automation, and 3D printing industries.

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About AutoGuide Mobile Robots:

AutoGuide Mobile Robots ( connects leaders and innovators in the fast-growing material handling technology sector by sharing ideas and promoting advancements in robotics and automation. Rob Sullivan, CEO of AutoGuide Mobile Robots leads a team from the company’s new R&D facility in Chelmsford, MA as well as their recently expanded manufacturing facility co-located with system integration sister company Heartland Automation in Georgetown, KY.

The AutoGuide Mobile Robot team exceeds customers’ needs and expectations by providing superior service as the worldwide leader in advanced technology Mobile Robots. Offering a lean manufacturing value proposition of reducing costs by eliminating transport inefficiencies in factory and warehouse operations by improving worker and product safety, reallocating labor resources to more value-add activities, and increasing delivery throughput and consistency, AutoGuide Mobile Robots provides the shortest lead times and most rapid ROI in the autonomous transportation market.

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