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VisionX Listed Their Native Currency VNX On KuCoin Exchange

November 02 18:50 2018

KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange is delighted to announce that they have listed another currency for an AI solution project called VisionX VNX.

Deposits are now available with supported trading pairs such as VNX/BTC and VNX/ETH. Other VNX transactions are accessible utilizing KuCoin mobile apps, or to their official website at

VisionX World Premiere on KuCoin:

VisionX (VNX) Buying order: 20:00 October 29, 2018 (UTC+8)

VisionX (VNX) Selling order: 20:30 October 29, 2018 (UTC+8)

VisionX (VNX) Withdrawal: 20:00 October 31, 2018 (UTC+8)

About VisionX (VNX)

VisionX establishes a vision of “X,” providing a sustainable and incentive-driven blockchain-based ecosystem that serves as a bridge between companies worldwide to boost the best AI and data solutions across each industry, multiple industries AND with personalized solutions for each customer. The tokenized incentive system of VisionX will include both token incentives and a unique sharing of future related payments to incentivized ecosystem contributors according to the real value of their contributions. All the transactions will be monitored and recorded in real-time based on Blockchain technology, making it possible to control the AI solution development process. Based on its unmodifiable characteristic, blockchain technology can build trust among developers, contributors, and requesters within the VisionX AI solution ecosystem.

VNX Token Mining for Data Across Industries:

• AI Solutions token incentive are distributed among data contributors (15%), AI solution/dataset builders (65%) and VisionX (20%)

 Customer provides more relevant data for their use case to further improve AI solution accuracy

 Data is screened, analyzed and validated by our DataonomySM algorithms

 Data cleansing, annotation processes are performed

 VisionX will use the profit to burn tokens, up to 50% of circulation

 If a certain data is included in the base/customer AI dataset(s), which helps improve an existing AI solution or helps build a new AI solution

Token Sale and Distribution

The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of the VisionX platform (VNX) is a major component of the ecosystem on the VisionX platform, and is initially issued by the Distributor as ERC20 standard-compliant digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and these will be migrated to tokens on the Deepbrain Chain’s public chain when it’s eventually launched. The total amount of VNX issued is 10 billion.

A total of 10% will be allocated to DeepBrain Chain Inc, as they will facilitate incubation of the project. DeepBrain Chain will lay the framework for the AI cloud net of VisionX to operate and thrive by feeding it with global data.

For more information, visit:

VisionX (VNX) Official Website

VisionX (VNX) Whitepaper

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