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December 04 01:15 2018

Pencoin Africa aims to deploy blockchain technology to empower Africans commencing with the inauguration of its PenCoin Initial Coin Offering – ICO.

PenCoin Africa is an innovative solutions blockchain platform that is looking to revolutionize life in Africa through the establishment of the PenCoin economic community – an ecosystem of Blockchain Projects powered by PenCoin cryptocurrency.

The major of PenCoin Africa modules is the harnessing of the hitherto untapped vast active human potentials of Africa, which has been inauspiciously relegated to the continent’s liability stash and which epigraph – “Unemployment” is a nihilistic stereotype bedevilling the continent. PenCoin Africa foresees phenomenal economic expansion in Africa should the teaming African energetic population be given the opportunity to translate their ideas, knowledge, creativity and skills into economic ventures.

Also in PenCoin Africa’s offering is the securement of the financial future of the African labour force, be they employees in the public or private sector, about-to-retire, self-employed or in any sphere of human engagement, by providing them with a secured and high-growth digital asset portfolio through which they can attain financial freedom and live the life of their dreams. By holding and increasing one’s holding of the PenCoin token, an investment wallet with high value appreciation potential is created and the future can be approached with confidence.

From the above, Pencoin Africa is looking to make the difference in Africa; by deploying the disruptive blockchain technology, artificial-intelligence backed solutions and PenCoin cryptocurrency to unleash Africa’s human capital potentials, and to create wealth for its citizens, signalling a turn in the continent’s prosperity.

Built on the ERC-20 Smart Contract, designed to guarantee personal data protection – a requisite for trust building in mercantile relationship in the E-space, backed by clearly thought-out crypto projects and with over Ten Million users’ community, transactions backed by PenCoin token shall be in high volumes leading to its value sprint at the cryptocurrency exchange – clear fundamentals for a viable digital asset.

PenCoin Africa has articulated a roadmap to delivering on its pledge to Africa. Highlighted below are key projects that are backing PenCoin cryptocurrency:

PenCoin Africa E-Commerce Market Place and Malls

The E-Commerce Market Place and Malls aims to create a blockchain backed economic exchange community for goods and services with PenCoin Token as the major currency of transaction. It is estimated that over 10 million Africans shall join the community by 2020. This will give PenCoin the vibrancy needed for its visibility and market dominance.

PenCoin Africa Virtual Job Services (Freelance Platform)

This platform shall enable young professionals and artisans showcase their works for domestic and global market reach. This platform shall depend heavily on Smart Contract and shall be a great opportunity for youths who have ideas, talents or skills but have no effective medium to reach a wide or the global market:

PenCoin Africa Start-ups:

The initiative aims to harness and develop the vast talents and skills of African youths, metamorphosing them into enterprises that produce goods and services for local and global markets.

PenCoin Africa Lab:

Through this platform, we shall offer consultancy services to African governments, agencies and enterprises that need to deploy blockchain solutions for prodigious performance.

PenCoin Africa Academy:

Our Academy is designed to bring practically applicable knowledge of Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and Internet of Things to Africans. Because we strongly believe that “knowledge is power”, our Academy has been positioned to bringing latest technological innovations to the knowledge of Africans. The effect would be mass awareness and consequential deployment of these knowledge/solutions to problem solving in Africa.

PenCoin Africa Dream Homes:

This is PenCoin’s Impact Project! When we talk about revolutionizing life in Africa, we can’t escape thinking about Homes. Housing has remained one of the major challenges confronting citizens in Africa and Pencoin is resolved to tackle it comprehensively for members of the PenCoin community. By holding just a fraction of the cost in PenCoin Token, a member of PenCoin Community can own a home of his dream in less than 10 years. This is possible because of the array of crypto projects and strategies we are putting in place to ensure that the value of your Pencoin holding continue to grow over time and with this, you can live the life of your dream.

Accordingly, Pencoin Africa has planned that its direct imprint on the wellbeing of its token holders shall be a delivery of quality Homes – PenCoin Dream Homes – to qualified holders. The beautiful thing about PenCoin Dream Homes is that the project shall be Blockchain administered. So be sure of transparency at its pick.

PenCoin Exchange:

Our decentralized Crytocurrency exchange platform will take crypto exchange to the next level! First, it shall facilitate a seamless exchange of PenCoin for fiat money 24/7. This implies that, if you hold some PenCoin or its fraction and want to exchange it for cash, there is nothing to worry about. All you need do is request a Sell on the platform, and on verification of the order, your designated bank account or credit card would be credited. For those interested in increasing their PenCoin holding, a Buy Order on the platform followed by payment confirmation shall enable an inflow of the PenCoin value ordered into the crypto wallet of the buyer.

PenCoin Token:

The power behind the PenCoin Africa Community! PenCoin Token is poised to be the new face of Digital Asset and the force of Smart Exchange in Africa!

PenCoin Offering:

A total of 100,000,000 PNC shall be on sale during the token sale period. The unsold coins shall be reserved for PenCoin Africa’s projects expansion.

PenCoin token sale shall come in stages. Pre-ICO sale shall commence on 3rd August and end on the 30th of September, 2018. The ICO will start September 3rd and end on 28th of December, 2018. The Public ICO is scheduled to run from January 2nd, 2019 to March 31st, 2019.

Referral Program:

PenCoin Africa is also introducing a referral program that allows participants to earn as much as $10,000 in free PNC by simply inviting friends. This is a WOW opportunity for participants who have high marketing prowess!

More information about PenCoin Africa and the PNC token sale can be found on the website and whitepaper. PenCoin Africa is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.

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