Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC Held Successfully

December 07 18:40 2018
Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC, which was hosted both by Zhuhai Exhibition Group and Guangzhou Unikar Group, successfully came to its conclusion in Zhuhai Air Show Centre on 2nd December 2018.

There were totally 9 car owners communities, including Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) & Formula Student Autonomous China (FSAC); 0-400m Drag Race; The Elite Party Winter Carnival; E-karting; Super SAC Car Owner Music Feast; Children Auto Technology Playground; Guinness World Record: The Longest Parade of Mercedes Benz Cars; GroChina Auto Technology & Consumption Industry Investment Forum; GDCC “Galaxy Legend Cup” & Wild Yell Women Racing Master Grand Prix (Off-road Race).

The 3-days event attracted near 600 Car Owner Clubs and about 50,000 attendees this year as well as close to 100 million audiences watching Super SAC on the online platforms of Douyu.com, Yizhibo.com, V.163.com, and Jiemian.com

Several Records Created in Super SAC – the Carnival for Chinese Car Owner Communities

The Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC has leaded a new chapter in China for Chinese Car Owner Communities, in the aspects of event scale, activity content, media publicity etc.

In Zhuhai Air Show Centre, a total 1.3 million sqm area of different spaces had been designed by the organisers for various activities – drag race area, off-road race area, exhibition venue, outdoor tarmac racing area etc. The centre ensures Super SAC to be the largest Urban Cultural Event for Car Owner Communities not only in China but also in the world. Meanwhile, Super SAC is the largest event both in scale and attendees besides the Zhuhai Air Show (China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition) which is held every two years in the centre.

The event’s varied themes of content contributed from 9 Car Owner Communities composed the largest coverage and the highest involvement International Cultural Event in China for Chinese Car Owners in recent years.

Among this, Guangdong Cross-country Club League Matches (GDCC) created many new records in China: the longest racing track within off-road venue in China, the best facilities in China, the largest number of off-road racing cars in China, the largest number of top national racing drivers in China, the largest scale of women driver racing in China and the highest Prize for Women Racing Group, hitting a new peak of off-road racing communities.

A several miles of fleet consisting of 358 Mercedes Benz Cars created the new record in China – the Longest Parade of Mercedes Benz Cars in the world, which won a lot praise and encouragement from Chinese Car Owner communities and spectators on spot.

An exhibition of over 300 stance cars created a new record of the largest static exhibition of modified cars in Southern China.

Mr. Gabriel Cerdan, President from Slide Drift Team in France, performed his drifting skill in two Super Cars, which was the first European Super-car Drifting Show in China!

Mr. Giles Brown, Business Director from Silverstone Classic, brought a MOU from UK to attend Super SAC. The MOU has been signed by Mr. Nick Wigley, CEO of Silverstone Classic — the biggest Classic Motoring Festival in the world. He came on behalf of Mr. Nick Wigley and it was the first-time cooperation of Silverstone Classic in its 29-year history with a Chinese company.

The debut of International Motor Film Awards in China placed great expectation on Chinese Motor Films Development in Super SAC.

The Auto Technology & Consumption Industry Investment Forum held by GroChina Capital invited renowned figures from home and abroad to communicate in depth the investment in auto technology and consumption industry dual-fueled by “industry operation and fund investment” for the sake of constructing a new scenario of automotive consumption & new retail, being a hot topic in investment industry as well as automobile industry.

Over 20 media containing GDTV, ZHTV, Southern Metropolis Daily, Zhuhai Daily, Jiemian.com, Douyu.com, V.163.com were invited to Zhuhai Airshow Center to follow and report. Live followers of this event exceeded 30 million person-times as the indirect coverage exceeded 100 million person-times on the platforms such as AutoHome.com, Biauto.com, Sohu.com, Auto.Sina.com.cn, Auto.163.com, and Tencent News, etc.

A 6’S’ Design of Event Topics, The “Human-Car-Venue” Interactive Experience Of 9 Car Owners Communities

As a leading Chinese platform for Internet-based car owners communities and the co-organizer of this event, Unikar creatively proposed the 6’S’ event topics of car owners communities, fusing the topics of “Science, Speed, Spirit, Share, Splendid, Sunshine” into the entire planning of this event. It redefined the car owners carnivals, built the harmony and unity of “Human-Car-Venue” Eco-environment, and created a new retail model of automotive products and services.

The Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC integrated in the first time 9 car owners communities — the deep involvement & interaction of students car owners communities, fashion car owners communities, modified car owners communities, luxury car owners communities, off-road car owners communities,international car owners communities, children car owners communities, performance car owners communities, and women car owners communities, allowed car owners and the communities to be not only contributors, but also the participants and consumers in this event. For instance, Catplay Entertainment — the title sponsor of the Challenge of Guinness World Records of the Largest Parade of Mercedes Benz cars, SGG Creator Feast, and The Elite Party Winter Carnival, contributed in total a media flow of circa 100 million, as the founder of Catplay Entertainment is a member of Mercedes Benz car owners community and Unikar community. Founder of T3 Tea, a sponsor of this event is also a member of BMW car owners community. Mr. Kention Huang (nicknamed as KK in car owners communities) who is the Founder & CEO of Unikar Group — one organizer of this event, is a co-founder of Jaguar Canton Club (JCC) and the initiator of Super SAC. The culture of interaction & experience originating from car owners communities and providing services for car owner communities, and the construction of new retail scenarios are a breakthrough of traditional static exhibitions and the offish professional racing IPs, creating another new high of Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival and Super SAC.

The Formula Student China Series Activities organized by SAE China were part of the most featured activities of Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC, embodying the future of Chinese auto technology. 57 fleets from 52 colleges and universities in China with in total 1,172 students attended the static and dynamic competitions with electric racing vehicles and autonomous vehicles self-developed in a year. Lushan College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology won the laurel of Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) as Beijing Institute of Technology was the champion of Formula Student Autonomous China (FSAC).

The Formula Student China Series Activities are the cradle of Chinese auto engineers. On the stage of this Super SAC, auto engineers who would possibly become part of the top engineers in China, have accomplished their first show of conception in practice as the seeds of the most advanced auto technologies will be incubated here.

On Dec. 2, “Galaxy Legend Cup”·GDCC·Jinwan Off-road Carnival & The First Wild Yell Women Master Racer Grand Prix successfully came to their conclusion within the ground equipment display area of Zhuhai Airshow Center, creating numerous records incl. the longest racing track within off-road venue in China, best facilities, largest number of racing cars, largest scale of top national racers, largest scale of women racers, and the highest bonus for women racers group. The off-road race attracted the attendance of 200+ top national off-road racers and the organizer — Xinjue Sports, specially created for women racers “The First Wild Yell Women Master Racer Grand Prix” in combination with the image of “Zhuhai Fishing Girl” in Zhuhai City, which is the first of its kind in the sector of Chinese women racing events. “Four Kings” and “Eight King Kongs” in Chinese off-road racing world gathered together, leading this activity to another new high of off-road race in the aspects of scale and lineup in recent years in China. In the end, Racer Mr. Fengge Huang won the champion of professional race group as Ms. Panpan Rong was crowned to be the “First Woman Master Racer” in women professional race group. Blessed with both beauty and talent, Ms. Rong is a racer that performed even better than some of the male racers, who is the exact figure showing that women are as excellent as men.

The strength of one car owner could be limited, but that of 358 car owners is far enough to create a world record. Arranged by Unikar and various Mercedes Benz Car Clubs in China incl. Guangdong CLA Club, and Shenzhen Car Collection Association, the Challenge of Guinness World Record of the Largest Parade of Mercedes Benz Cars attracted the attendance of every Mercedes Benz car clubs around China and 358 cars. Soon, it became a hot topic among Chinese car owner communities and WeChat Moments as the number of online viewers surged to new highs again and again. Though the challenge failed owing to the accidental interruption after 3 tries in 3 hours, the gathering of 358 Mercedes Benz cars for miles due to the fusion of super power of car owners communities has already broken the current record of the largest parade of Mercedes Benz cars concerning the scale and number of cars. It was also the nearest moment towards success for Chinese car owners to try to challenge the Guinness World Record in the centurial history of Mercedes Benz cars. THEY LOST THE RECORD, BUT MADE THE HISTORY! They are the MOST Gelivable Mercedes Benz car owners in China which needs no proof of Guinness World Record. Their feat, and their determination and courage to rewrite the history, flamed the entire car owners communities in China and won the praise of all the spectators on spot, as the spirit of  them is bound to encourage the successors! Hundreds of Mercedes Benz car owners gathered together due to the summon of Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC as the spirit of them should be carved in the milestone of Super SAC and even that of Chinese auto culture.

As a leader of party culture in Southern China, Super SAC Car Owner Feast & SGG Creator Feast displayed for every car owners on site the grandeur and splendidness of this creative visual show. Over 50 anchors who are online celebrities (Wanghong in Chinese) appeared in this show, e.g. Ms. Yueyuan Zhan, a popular anchor and Ms. SGG, the party queen in Southern China and the creator of SGG club. This Feast impressed everyone thanks to its combination of George Patton, Hummers, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Hongqi Classic Cars, and the creative and fashionable dress styles. The atmosphere of this Feast came to its peak when a dance on car roof was presented, receiving applause from international guests.

Great Show!

The activity among all that would be able to stimulate the adrenaline of spectators was undoubtedly the Aibo 04 Drag Race, as there were over 200 performance vehicles coming from every corner of China gathering in the venue. To respond to the demand of various car owners and enthusiasts, Super SAC organized some contests between electric cars and super cars. A Tesla Model X P100D competed with Audi TT RS car from HG Fleet. The Audi TT RS car is the fastest record holder of Aibo 04 Drag Race with a marvelous performance of 9.681 seconds during Aibo 04 Drag Race and amazing response time, allowing it to break the rumor that electric cars perform better in drag race. At the same time, the competition between a domestically produced BYD Tang car and a Audi RS3 car came to the end as Audi RS3 scored its success. The modified potential of traditional fuel vehicles granted them the strength to secure the throne when confronting with the amazing written data of electric cars. In the 0-400-meter level, electric cars performed less satisfying comparing with the performance of electric cars in the 2nd Super SAC. However, it is an established fact that electric cars are much popular among car owners now. As a carnival for car owners communities, Super SAC will arrange certain drag racing events on the basis of reflecting the truth and meeting the true demand of car owners, in regardless of the rationality of competition between electric cars and fuel cars.

As one of the most influenced kinds in automotive culture world, modified cars are gradually accepted by mainstream as the loosening of regulations & laws. In this event, renowned static exhibition of stance cars in China—The Elite Party Winter Carnival welcomed a fiery registration, as some car owners from Beijing even registered and shipped their cars to Zhuhai for the exhibition in this activity. As a result, only 300+ stance cars selected from over 5,000 cars were able to attend this activity, opening a new chapter of stance cars in Southern China. On spot, the election of stance cars in various aspects allowed it to be the one of most popular unit of this event, attracting over 10,000 domestic and foreign spectators, Males & Females, the Old & Young, in just ONE day (Dec. 1).

In-depth Involvement Of International IPs, Construction of Human-Car-VenueEco-investment In Chinese Auto Technology & Consumption Industry

It’s worth mentioning that this event was the first international carnival for car owners communities in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao after the opening of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. It not only attracted a huge number of visitors from Hong Kong and Macao, but also invited the guests on behalf of top international auto culture IPs, including Goose Live Events Limited, the operation company of Silverstone Classic which is the biggest classic motoring festival in the world; International Motor Film Awards which is known as the Oscars for the motoring world; Slide Drift Team, a pillar of drift and benchmark for drifting spirit in not only France but also Europe; and IQ12, a creative company developing immersive in-car VR technologies.

On the GroChina Auto Technology & Consumption Industry Investment Forum which was organized by GroChina Capital, guests incl. Mr. Stanley Cheung (Former Chairman of Greater China of Walt Disney), Mr. Kention Huang (Founder of GroChina Capital and CEO of Unikar Group), Mr. Giles Brown, Mr. Vince Knight, Mr. Gabriel Cerdan, Ms. Yue Wu (Principal of Auto Technology Dep. of KPMG), Mr. Bin Zeng (Representative of Country Garden Industry Investment Group) were invited to present keynote speeches as renowned leaders in investment industry, for instance, Mr. Kelvin Yu (Former VP of Sequoia Capital and Co-founder of Capital Today) and Mr. Gary Kwok (Founder of Shing Chak Investment) were invited to conduct a in-depth discussion regarding the construction of auto consumption new retail ecosphere of “Human-Car-Venue” based on the Eco-investment in “industry operation + fund investment” in the sectors of automobile technologies and automotive culture. Mr. Kention Huang present a deep analysis of “industry operation + fund investment” of GroChina Capital and Unikar Group and the investment strategy to construct auto consumption new retail ecosphere of “Human-Car-Venue”. Mr. Huang was bold to predict that there would possibly come the auto theme parks comparable to Disney in China as some Chinese auto cultural IPs in the sector of Grand Entertainment would be able to present themselves on the international stage with superb investment value in few years. The speech of Mr. Huang impressed Mr. Kelvin Yu, whom has 18 years of expertise on private equity investment and been appointed as the Principal of New Retail Strategic Investment Dep. of Fosun Group. Mr. Yu indicated that it would be a new direction for automotive technologies, culture & tourism and the IP industry operation. Duel engines of eco-investment contributed by GroChina Capital and Unikar Group would creatively lead the investment in Chinese automobile technology and consumption industry. Mr. Giles Brown, Commercial Director of the operation company of Silverstone Classic—the biggest classic motoring festival in the world, dissected the operation of this biggest classic motoring IP. The auto technology team of KPMG shared on site the development of Chinese auto technologies as the representative of Country Garden Industry Investment Group shared the project experience regarding the combination of NEV town and City of Industry. Meanwhile, Unikar Group signed Memorandums of Understanding with the operation company of Silverstone Classic, the Slide Drift Team, the International Motor Film Awards, and IQ12 for the purpose of the gradual introduction of premium auto culture IPs.

In the pipeline roadshow session of Forum, companies incl. Slide Drift Team which is the top European super-car drifting company, IQ12 which is planning to provide the in-car immersive VR experience, E-power Kart–a world-class Sino Germany e-karting company which adopts compound insulation materials for the production of lithium battery packs and swaps battery in 5 seconds, and award-winning Engine pipeline from UK featuring a thermal efficiency reaching up to 46% and being able to apply to plug-in electric vehicles and range-extended electric vehicles. These pipelines contain high technological contents, adequately showing the large investment opportunities in and the fine future of auto technology and consumption industry.

After the Forum, Mr. Gabriel Cerdan from Slide Drift Team performed for spectators the drift by Ferrari F430 car and Jaguar F-Type car as it was the first European super-car drifting show in China.

Since the establishment as a result of responding to the demand of car owners in July 2016 and with 3 years of organization, soaring growth of Super SAC continues every year on the basis of only over 200 car owners from 40+ car owners communities in 2016, attracting over 5,000 spectators and 200+ car owners communities in 2017, and over 50,000 audiences on spot and millions of online viewers as well as 600+ car owners communities. Super SAC keeps in line with the core principle of “sharing among communities” and believes that car owners attending the event are the creators and spectators of the event, being one part of the event contents. 9 car owners communities containing circa 600 car owners clubs, e.g. students car owners communities, fashion car owners communities, modified car owners communities, luxury car owners communities, off-road car owners communities, international car owners communities, children car owners communities, performance car owners communities, and women car owners communities, gather and achieve many new records and scales, due to the sharing and creation generated by Chinese car owners communities as proposed by the purport of event–interlinking car owners’ super power, sharing and creating the infinite possibility. Super SAC will continue, on the basis of car owners communities and with the core spirit of sharing among car owners communities, to interlink the car owners’ super power for the purpose of providing Chinese car owners with more activities of quality and features with in-depth interaction, premium experience and better man-car life.

We, the car owners, are jointly creating the future of Chinese car owners communities, and the future of China automobile technology & consumption industry!

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