Rapper/MC Shane Hunter’s New Diss Track ‘Did Ya Hear That, Talib Kweli’ is Quickly Becoming the Best Diss Track of 2018

December 07 18:45 2018

Maricopa, AZ – December 7th, 2018 – ‘The Abrasive Entrepreneur’s new diss track ‘Did Ya Hear That, Talib Kweli’ is taking the streaming and online world by storm. The ‘Did Ya Hear That,Talib Kweli’ is rapper/MC Shane Hunter’s recently released diss track aimed at MC Talib Kweli and ever since its release, it has been gaining rave reviews and on its way to becoming the best diss rack of 2018.

In this popular diss track about Talib Kweli, ‘The Abrasive Entrepreneur’ takes the listeners in a journey of finding out if Talib Kweli is a true hip hop hero or a ‘hypocritical, racist virtue signaler.’ The Talib Kweli diss track looks into Talib Kweli behind the microphone, going deeper into who the man is. Shane Hunter shares in this newly released track the worse things he has found about Talib Kweli.

While a mainstay in the hip hop scene, only a person truly well-versed in the industry who can even remotely recognize how Talib Kweli is. The reason is that he never really made it into the mainstream and that’s even with the help of some of the famous hip hop artists in the industry. Talib Kweli has never found his creative edge, and without the mass appeal that his peers enjoyed, he trailed behind.

But as according to the Talib Kweli diss track and as rapped by Shane Hunter, the sad truth behind the hip hop artist’s waning reputation is much more than just the lack of ‘it’ factor. One incident that served as the precursor for the diss track aimed at Talib Kweli is the artist’s slanderous claims on Shane Hunter’s client, Tom Woods. Talib Kweli one day claimed that Tom was a Nazi-Klansmen Racist.

The claims rooted from a 1998 meeting where Tom Woods spoke and tried to convince a roomful of people into adopting the Libertarianism mentality, which to Talib’s mind was a visible sign that Tom was the absolute worst kind of a kind. In response to Talib’s accusations and allegations, Shane Hunter helped take the hit off of Tom, but Talib quickly responded by getting Shane booted off of Twitter.

Talib once called and told Shane how he irrelevant he was but suddenly, he stressed on getting Shane off of Twitter claiming “Shane Hunter is not Hip Hop.” As a response, Shane was quick to record a diss track that quickly became the hot topic in the industry. With its raving reviews, Shane ‘Did Ya Hear That, Talib Kweli’ has garnered a lot of attention to what he claims the truth about Talib Kweli.

About Shane Hunter:

Shane Hunter, also known as The Abrasive Entrepreneur, is an advertiser, marketer, and brander. He is a consummate entrepreneur with expertise in SEO, PPC, coding, conversions, and copywriting. Shane Hunter is not only Facebook advertising expert who has trained many online ‘gurus’ but also a rapper and MC at heart. 

For more information, please visit http://www.talibkweli.net/.

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