JYM Stress Upon The Importance Of Choosing The Right Industrial Rubber Hose

December 07 19:20 2018
Industries should focus on choosing the best quality industrial rubber hose that can ensure transportation of fluids without leakage and can also protect from accidents in oil transportation, chemical manufacturing and other industries.

The industrial hose has a variety of applications in many industries. These rubber hoses should always be of the best quality and durable, so that the leakage of the substances could be avoided. At the same time, the leakage could lead to fire, explosion and other types of accidents. And the financial losses are directly associated with the leakage of the substances, such as oil, petroleum, chemical substances and others. This is the reason why JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd recommends choosing the best quality rubber hoses in industrial applications.

According to the company spokesperson, one should check the company’s specialization in manufacturing the industrial rubber hose. A company, with a number of years of track record of manufacturing industrial hoses, could be capable of providing all kinds of industrial rubber hoses for industries. Besides, the company should follow international quality and safety standards, so that its hose can be found suitable for different industrial applications across geographies. JYM has passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality certifications and each hose manufactured by them fully complies with the international quality standards. The spokesperson reveals that after-sale service is also an important criterion that a client needs to keep in mind. JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd has global sales channel across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

JYM Stress Upon The Importance Of Choosing The Right Industrial Rubber Hose

The company specializes in a wide variety of hoses and pipes, and their Sandblasting hose is designed to transport abrasive materials. This hose consists of a black, smooth and an abrasion resistant tube with the textile wrapped reinforcement. The inner layer of the hose is made of rubber and it has a black, abrasion resistant cover of NBR compound. The cover of the hose is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, and also an extreme temperature range. The spokesperson reveals that they only supply quality and durable sandblasting hoses. According to him, the speed and quality of sandblasting largely determine the longevity and performance of these hoses. The sandblasting could be of different types, such as braid sandblasting and ply sandblasting, and one should keep these facts in mind while choosing sandblasting hoses for their project.

The company spokesperson also offers valuable information about picking the right kind of Rubber oil hose for an industrial setup. This type of hose is suitable for the transportation of petroleum products at normal temperature in industrial and mining sectors, oil depots etc. Made of synthetic rubber, the oil hose has a UV resistant outer layer. The hose can withstand the impact of petroleum and can be suitable for a long-term performance.

To know more about the best qualities of different types of hoses and how to choose them, one can visit our industrial hose catalog https://www.jymfg.com/industrial-hoses/.

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