ONE: Haogang Zhu, Chief Architect of LEBEN, “Healthcare At Your Fingertips – To Create And Share Medical Knowledge”

December 07 19:25 2018

As we all know, there are bottlenecks not only in the development of the medical industry, but also in the popularization of medical knowledge and the progress of medical technology. We need to let the doctors and patients realize that healthcare can get rid of the constraints of time and space, and exist in this world independently and perfectly through mature algorithms and data exchange methods introduced by blockchain. We look forward that LEBEN could make great difference in our lives. Professor Haogang Zhu is the chief architect and principal sponsor of the LEBEN project. As a scientist and scholar, he explains the project deeply integrated with science and technology – “LEBEN”. 

ONE: Haogang Zhu, Chief Architect of LEBEN, “Healthcare At Your Fingertips - To Create And Share Medical Knowledge”
Professor Haogang Zhu

Advantages of LEBEN across the industry

LEBEN is a platform to share the knowledge and the data in a very unique ecosystem, as well as under a unique technology framework. The first benefit of LEBEN is that the knowledge can be formalized and computerized in an executable way, so that even the junior doctors or anyone in the medical care industry can use the knowledge to look after their patients.

And the data exchange functionality underneath will help the doctors and the management plans to acquire and exchange data from other institutes, so that the clinical record is continued during the management pathway. When we can achieve that, we will be able to exchange a lot of data and a lot of knowledge on the platform, and the ecosystem will encourage people to share, to create and author their knowledge as well as to share the data for various purpose. And the data will be under the control of the individual patient without being copied away by using our data switch technology.

With the asset of the knowledge and data belonging to the clinicians, patients as well as other institutes and participants of the healthcare industry, the knowledge can be improved and evaluated according to the data, so that we know that where is the weak point of the knowledge and consequently we can improve the knowledge accordingly.

By doing that, the ultimate goal of the LEBEN is that we create a uniform as much as possible, to uniform clinical healthcare quality all around the world, so that the resource of the healthcare is not separated by the countries’ boundary or any boundary, but just a fingertip to create your knowledge and share it.

We hope that as more and more smart contracts are generated in LEBEN’s system, more and more patients and doctors will be accustomed to sharing their medical knowledge and data effectively. The concept of “Global Medical Resource Homogenization” proposed by LEBEN can really be popularized.


Leben is a global collaboration platform for smart contracts in the medical industry, which is characterized by “medical knowledge deep sharing” and “medical data trusted exchange”. It integrates medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

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