The market continues to be sluggish, why is the Exchange Trade Funds in cryptomarket hitting the market?

January 14 22:18 2019

With the arrival of the bear market, the trend of digital currency trading in the second half of 2018 has become increasingly depressed. In the case of a continued downturn in the market as a whole, profitability from spot trading has become very difficult. Despite this, financial derivatives trading has grown against the trend, and more and more people in the currency circle have switched to contracts and other digital currency derivatives transactions. It can be seen that the derivatives market is a huge treasure trove worth exploring. It not only lowers the threshold for investing in digital currency, but also lowers investment income and improves capital utilization in the absence of effective leverage in the market.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) can provide investors with a safer way to trade, while also helping to increase confidence and attract more investors and funds. After many financial institutions and exchanges announced the launch of digital currency futures, many industry insiders are looking forward to the arrival of Cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Funds. However, ETF approval conditions are stricter than futures. In 2017, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) received multiple applications for Bitcoin ETF listing, but most of them were rejected and it was difficult to successfully list.

In November 2018, the world’s first Cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Funds began trading at SIX Swiss Exchange, Europe’s fourth-largest exchange, with a market capitalization of $1.6 trillion. The crypto currency company, Amun AG, was approved by the government on the traditional stock exchange. By listing an index fund, the Foundation tracks the largest and most promising digital currency companies and allocates assets accordingly. The Chicago Board Options Exchange also followed the market and partnered with Amun AG to create the Cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Funds.

Exchange Trade Funds,short name is ETF is jointly created by Van Eck, an investment company under the Chicago Board Options Exchange, SolidX, a blockchain startup, and Amo AG. It is the hottest moment. Cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Funds point line mechanism became the most attractive investment in Europe and America when it was launched in the United States. For many investors, this is the best investment channel for digital currencies at the moment.

Why is the Cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Fund highly regarded? Because it has the following highlights:

1) Strong and powerful. Back up by The Chicago Board Options Exchange and Amun AG.

2) The model is novel. Not afraid to be compared to the traditional model.

3) A benign ecological cycle, investors are lucrative and long-lasting transactions.

4) It has its own hematopoietic function, and there are many investors. The platform participation and activity are very high.

5) The reward is rich. In addition to the recommended rewards, the platform also set up two rankings, which will be awarded every seven days, and all the total digital assets will be awarded according to the platform rules.

6) Fair, fair and open, reasonable and legal. The platform is traversable with five major currencies, BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP and BCH, which are completely decentralized contract platforms.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Fund is a completely decentralized blockchain super contract platform, a platform that allows each player to become a master. In the bear market where the market continues to be sluggish, the high probability of the super contract point line mechanism will become the next investment slogan of the digital currency industry, opening the myth of the creation of wealth.

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