The USA Are Organizing More Trips to Africa in Order to Strengthen Economic Ties with African Countries

March 09 16:36 2019

Dems VS Reps diplomatic strategy: goes who’s arming the US interest in Africa…

Since the US Presidential election, some democrat diplomats named by Barack Obama and still in charge, started to behave erratically, as if they didn’t have to be accountable for any of their actions.

It wouldn’t be an issue at all if their action didn’t arm U.S. economic and diplomatic influence and interests in the regions, and in Africa especially that is now seen as the forgotten spot in the U.S. policy.

Understanding the tragedy lying behind the U.S. diplomacy in Africa is also being able to have a global perspective on the way Democrats are taking advantage of the lack of global policy and strategy in foreign affairs. Thus, the American interests in the region seem not to be the main focus of some ambassadors located in some African countries, and U.S. companies are now complaining of the difficulties met.

In that perspective, the situation in Cameroon and the U.S. ambassador in Yaounde is particularly revealing.

This is what many in Cameroon, are wondering, especially among U.S. companies that feel that the U.S. ambassador, Peter Henry Barlerin, is not serving his country’s best interests.

His decisions are clearly following a policy unrelated to the global one decided in Washington D.C. and that seems to be closer to the one planned by the Democrats in the United States.

This explains why he went after every decision made by Cameroonian authorities and made sure that he could complicate the work of U.S. companies in the country. One recent example was his decision to require a “fair and independent inquiry” after the killing of an american citizen by Cameroonian ultra-violent separatists. The language used by the ambassador meant, diplomatically, that the government was responsable of the murder, a fact strongly denied from the beginning of the affair, with pictures and videos. But following George Soros way of doing thing, Barlerin accused openly the national security forces, creating a huge gap between the US and its interest in central Africa. For M. Barlerin, the safety of travelers was not actually his main concern, but rather being able to oppose M. Paul Biya.

His behavior has also been a subject of complaint from U.S. companies that are trying to develop business opportunities in the region, in a moment when Cameroon is turning into a global hub with its new port infrastructures, in Douala and Kribi, that will be the main exit for resources from Cameroon, but also from Chad or the Central African Republic, thus impacting the United States’ interests beyond just the boundaries of the country.

In that perspective, the recent declarations made by Tibor Nagy, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, may not help. Before his tour in Africa that will end by Cameroon, his criticism toward the way Cameroonian authorities are dealing with the violence led by separatists group in the anglophone regions were met with disappointment in Yaounde, and some people feel that this could be a mark of the influence of M. Barlerin’s view on the situation.

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