The 28 days Keto Challenge provides a full 28 days meal plan through 7 detailed guides for best weight loss results

March 09 19:24 2019

The 28-day keto challenge is a well-crafted plan for anyone to get through the Keto diet using a day to day, meal plan and 7 detailed guides to encourage and educate on the way. While the Keto diet is the most popular fitness trend that has been known to provide visible results, not everyone is able to follow a proper Keto diet.

Most often, they run out of motivation halfway through their diet or do something wrong that doesn’t give them the desired results. This is why the 28 day Keto challenge is created that enables the users to not only follow a proper Keto diet plan but also provide the required motivation to get through the critical first month.

The 28 day Keto challenge includes 7 guides:

  • Keto Diet: The Basics – The users will learn the basics of the keto diet, how it works and who it is best for. The guide features 11 benefits of the Keto diet, 13 tips for success and list of foods to eat and avoid.
  • Eating on Keto – This guide features 10 breakfast recipes and 14 recipes each for lunch and dinner. It also shows snack options and tips to overcome cravings, along with a 28-Day meal plan calendar.
  • Ketosis: Tips for Staying in Ketosis – This guide explains the process of ketosis and the body changes that happen during ketosis.
  • Macros: A Micro Look at Macronutrients – This guide tells the user on how to calculate the macros and maintain the proper ratios to stay in ketosis
  • Keto Flu: Beating It in a Healthy Way – Some people may experience keto flu symptoms when their bodies transition into ketosis and this guide explains how to heal it
  • Intermittent Fasting: Tips for Success – This guide tells about five types of Intermittent fasting and its benefits in a Keto diet.
  • Keto and Friends: Dealing with Social Pressures – This guide helps the user in dealing with personal and social obstacles to keep going with the Keto diet.

As a bonus, those who will register for the 28-day keto challenge will also get 3 additional guides on Keto desserts, Avocado recipes, and Keto supplements. 

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