Rod & Flame Offers the First of its Kind Residential Floor-Standing Menorah

October 18 14:27 2021
Be drawn towards the future while being reminded of the past with these sophisticated 51” floor-standing menorahs that can enhance any space.

Hanukkah is just around the corner. And what is a Hanukkah celebration, also known as “The Festival of Lights,” without the quintessential menorah? For centuries, traditional candle and oil menorahs have been used by most households to observe the holiday. But as time goes by, many people have been searching for more modern and elegant menorah designs to suit the contemporary interiors of their homes. And this growing demand for modern menorahs ultimately led to the founding and continuous success of the e-commerce store Rod & Flame.

While some use these specifically for their Hanukkah festivities, Rod & Flame menorahs are display pieces that are simply too beautiful to be kept away. Sleek, ergonomic, and minimalistic is how most people would describe their menorahs. Not to mention, these floor-standing menorahs are the first of its kind and known for their constraint-less and self-sufficient design that can light up any space. But despite fitting seamlessly into modern life – or any space in that matter – Rod & Flame menorahs remain true to their meaning and history.

Rod & Flame was only conceptualized two years ago, when the founder’s wife wanted to buy him a menorah for his 30th birthday. Despite checking out multiple stores, they were unable to find one that they liked since all of the menorahs available were too traditional. As a 3D render artist, he applied his knowledge on 3D modeling space, went to the drawing board, and sought the help of a good friend in Ukraine to make his vision come alive. Surprisingly, when family and friends saw the 51” modern menorah created, they immediately fell in love and wanted one for the following year – and the rest is history.

Because of the success of their floor-standing menorahs last Hanukkah 2020, Rod & Flame has even launched new tabletop menorahs as well as a line of candle holders for the sabbath. For both their 51″ floor-standing ($895) and tabletop mini menorahs ($490), customers can choose between three unique designs, namely Parallel, Diagonal, and Radius. Those who want strong, symmetrical lines would easily gravitate toward Parallel, while those who prefer an overlap of circles and lines will find Diagonal as the perfect match. Alternatively, customers who are into a confident, classic menorah design will surely be attracted to Radius.

Those interested in candle holders can also enjoy a variety of options, such as Symmetry II ($220), Symmetry V ($340), Symmetry VI ($380), Revolve (from $520), and Pluses II ($50).

Currently, Rod & Flame offers free shipping on all orders within the USA. They also ship worldwide to countries like Canada, Israel, the UK, Turkey, and many more.

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Rod & Flame is an e-commerce store that offers innovative menorah designs that enhance one’s space with effortless elegance.

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