A New Era of Modern Music: How GLACER FM Has Bridged the Gap Between Independent Artists and Their Target Audiences

January 18 18:54 2022

The New, Cutting-Edge Radio Station is Partnering With New Artists, Podcasters, and Businesses to Change the Face of Radio in the Digital Age

Only a few decades ago, new artists would send their music into radio stations in hopes of being discovered and reaching their target audiences. Now, with the rise of streaming platforms where artists can upload their music or podcast directly, the market is more saturated than ever and only the top percentile reach the audience they desire. However, one new radio station is on a mission to change that. GLACER FM, the #1 radio station for unsigned and independent artists is proud to announce that they are partnering with new artists, podcasters, and businesses alike to effectively change the face of modern radio.

GLACER FM was founded in 2020 to be a playlist for the people, selected by the people; providing an unparalleled opportunity for independent and unsigned artists to shine. Most digital radio stations stick within a certain genre and exclusively work with established artists to leverage their following for higher ratings. GLACER FM takes that concept and flips it on its head to create a space where lesser-known artists with extraordinary talent can reach their audience and gain the airtime they need to grow their personal brand.

GLACER FM has four unique genre-specific channels in addition to their main station to give music lovers of varying tastes a place to discover new talent and request the artists they would like to hear. Designed for music lovers, by music lovers, GLACER FM structures all programming based on the requests of listeners from all around the world.

Not only a place for music but a place for knowledge and entertainment, GLACER FM houses podcasts and shows pre-screened by the GLACER team to ensure top quality and provide an unmatched experience that can only be found on GLACER FM.

As the GLACER FM brand continues to grow and thrive, they are welcoming all new artists, podcasts, and businesses to leverage the ‘people’s platform’ to expand their reach and revolutionize the face of modern radio.

“Studies have shown that songs sound better the more we listen to them as this creates an addiction. This explains why mainstream artists are more successful. Unsigned artists are sidelined or abandoned because the mainstream radio stations are just extensions of the major labels. Songs that get played on mainstream radio are all about business and not talent. Glacer FM strives to bridge this gap by focusing only on unsigned music to build a real connection for the unsigned artists with listeners.”

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between independent artists and their target audiences; GLACER FM’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

To learn more about GLACER FM, please visit: https://www.glacerfm.com/


GLACER FM is The #1 Global Internet Radio Station focusing on Unsigned and Independent music in all music genres. Founded in 2020 by Tayong Tsi Joseph, GLACER FM was created to bridge the gap between independent and unsigned artists and large, engaged audiences amid the digital age. GLACER FM has four unique channels, GLACER Mix, GLACER RCM, GLACER Urban, and GLACER Underground in addition to the GLACER FM main station to offer a well-rounded variety of different genres for all listeners. Music played on the underground channel goes through a screening process and is reviewed for quality before it can be approved for rotation on the other channels. GLACER FM also hosts cutting-edge podcasts and shows that are vetted by the GLACER FM team to ensure top quality and entertainment. All music content and programming is entirely based on listener requests to engage an audience of music enthusiasts within the digital age.





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