XAMMAX is helping Home Chefs do more with its world-class cooking products

September 30 08:30 2022
XAMMAX is helping Home Chefs do more with its world-class cooking products
Amid the increasing popularity of cooking shows, XAMMAX provides products that help advance aspiring chefs to greater personal achievement.

“A man is only as good as his tools,” a common quote widely attributed to Emmert Wolf. 

This is more than just a pithy phrase to throw around when looking for a new appliance. It contains at its very heart an undeniable truth; it’s hard to do quality work when your tools aren’t up to snuff. This has never been truer than in the kitchen. Professional chefs can easily spend over RM500,000 opening a new restaurant, the bulk of which goes to renovations and purchasing equipment for their professional kitchens.  

But how does the at-home chef up their game and use their kitchen to produce the type of food they know their capable of without spending thousands on ovens and ranges? XAMMAX could be the answer. 

XAMMAX is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, and sells kitchen appliances that are both high end and affordable. And with their website, XAMMAX is able to provide their products to Malaysians beyond their physical location. 

With products like the Teka Multifunction Oven iOVEN, its 50 preset recipes, automatic quick heating modem, and bread baking mode home chefs will see improvement in their cooking practically overnight. 

When asked how to begin shopping for products that will help home chefs enhance their overall cooking experience and improve their end result (like the Teka Multifunction Oven iOVEN) Kent Lim, Managing Director of XAMMAX, replied, “When shopping, consider labels and features that can help ensure that you purchase appliances with a low operating cost. There are many features in a good oven, measuring parameters such as inside temperature, humidity, heat or air circulation.”

Quality ovens are available on https://XAMMAX.my/product-category/kitchen-appliances/electrical-oven/ 

Home chefs will have an easier time replicating the many recipes they see on social media and TV while striving to achieve the quality of food put out by well-known local chefs.


Founded as a physical store in 2005 by Kent Lim, XAMMAX expanded into Ecommerce six years later in order to provide a more comprehensive and customer-focused experience. XAMMAX has allowed Malaysians to browse, compare, and shop for home appliances & bathroom accessories all from the comfort of their homes. XAMMAX is the official dealer of many well-known household brands, and their handpicked staff ensures customers receive quality products and services at an affordable rate. 

For more information please go to https://xammax.my.

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