Writer Crisis Hotline: Finding “The Write Solutions for Authors”

June 08 17:12 2023
Cathy Fyock and Allie Pleiter Offer Essential Guidance to Overcome Writing Challenges.

Have you found yourself stuck in a writing rut, battling self-doubt, or struggling to find your creative focus? Fear not, as seasoned authors and expert book coaches Cathy Fyock and Allie Pleiter have launched a lifeline for writers everywhere with their upcoming release, “Writer Crisis Hotline: The Write Solutions for Authors.”

This indispensable guide provides the much-needed support and guidance to conquer writing challenges and unleash your full potential. According to Fyock and Pleiter, while you may feel isolated and stuck, chances are you are encountering many of the same challenges other writers face.

Take for example “writers’ block” – that dreaded moment when you sit down to write and find you have nothing to say. The Writer Crisis Hotline team suggests the following helps to get yourself unstuck:

Create a list of questions that form the chapters and headings for your book. Try brainstorming with a timer (five to ten minutes) to create a comprehensive list of all the questions your reader has about your topic.

Plan in advance when you’ll write next, and what you’ll be writing about. As you’re wrapping up your writing for the day, choose the topic of your next writing session and make yourself some notes so your ideas are ready when you are.

Sleep on it. Go through your day with an idea about what you plan to do. If you pose the clear question to your brain, your subconscious will begin working on the problem. Pleiter calls this “giving your muse marching orders.”

Use timed writing blocks and schedule less time than you think you might need for writing. Some writers use a fixed timed writing process like the Pomodoro method to write quickly and efficiently. Give yourself your topic (or better yet, a specific question), and put five or ten minutes on the clock. Forcing yourself to write quickly squelches overthinking.

Switch formats. Try writing longhand if you normally type. Experiment with dictation. Move to a location you don’t normally use to write. Shake up your writing habits and see if it doesn’t unlock a new batch of words.

Fyock and Pleiter see their role as extending a comforting hand to writers facing common obstacles that can impede progress. “Sometimes writers can be their own worst enemy,” states Fyock. “They may feel constrained by external forces, lack an organizational plan, struggle to find their book’s focus, or any number of very real obstacles.” The pair’s forthcoming book, as well as their ongoing coaching work and teaching programs, offer ready help drawing from decades of experience in the publishing world. Both have multiple books to their name-Pleiter’s list topping over 60 at last count.

To learn more about “Writer Crisis Hotline: The Write Solutions for Authors” and explore the authors’ coaching services, visit the websites below. You just may find yourself overcoming those writing challenges and embracing a fulfilling writing journey.

Find Cathy Fyock on the Web at: https://www.cathyfyock.com

and Allie Pleiter on the Web at: https://alliepleiter.com

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